Ambulance Number List Rangpur

Ambulance Number List Rangpur every second counts. The city of Rangpur, situated in northern Bangladesh, has witnessed remarkable progress in the development of its healthcare infrastructure. Among the crucial services that have contributed to this progress is the efficient and reliable ambulance service network.


Ambulance Number List Rangpur

Ambulance Number List Rangpur have emerged as the backbone of emergency medical response, ensuring that help is just a phone call away. The swift response, well-equipped ambulances, trained medical personnel, collaborative approach, and community engagement have revolutionized emergency healthcare in the region.


Rangpur ambulance service

This is the general emergency hotline number for medical emergencies, including ambulance services, throughout Bangladesh. It should connect you to the nearest ambulance service available in Rangpur.


Rangpur BP Ambulance Service

Equipped with modern technology and staffed by well-trained professionals, these ambulances can navigate through the city’s busy streets, reaching the scene of an emergency promptly.

Contact No: 01715-773382


LABAID Diagnostic Rangpur

When a medical emergency strikes, the immediate availability of medical assistance can often mean the difference between life and death. Rangpur’s ambulance services have revolutionized emergency response by ensuring a swift and timely arrival of medical aid.

Contact No: 01766-663099


Update diagnostic centre Ambulance Service

These are the contact numbers specifically for the ambulance control room in Rangpur. You can call these numbers directly for immediate assistance in emergencies.

Contact No: 01971-555555


Desh Clinic Ambulance Service

The success of ambulance services in Rangpur can be attributed to the collaborative efforts of multiple stakeholders. The government, private healthcare institutions, and non-profit organizations work together to establish and maintain a seamless ambulance service network.

Contact No:-0521 63350, 0521 65555


New Rangpur Clinic Ambulance Service

While the primary responsibility of the police is law enforcement, they can also assist in coordinating emergency medical services, including ambulances, during critical situations. Dialing 100 should connect you to the Rangpur Metropolitan Police Control Room.

Phone number:-0521 61550


Good Health Hospital Ambulance Service

As Rangpur continues to grow and develop, the commitment to improving ambulance services will remain paramount, saving countless lives and providing a reliable lifeline during critical moments.

Phone number:-0521 62552, 0521 6255.


Ideal Clinic & Nursing home Ambulance Service

The Rangpur branch of the Bangladesh Red Crescent Society operates ambulance services in the area. These contact numbers can be used to reach them in case of emergencies.

Phone number: 0521 65955


Islami Bank Community Hospital Ambulance Service

Another crucial aspect of ambulance services in Rangpur is community awareness and engagement. Initiatives are taken to educate the public about the proper utilization of ambulance services, including the emergency hotline number, when and how to call for an ambulance, and basic first aid techniques.

✆ phone Number:-0521 62731


Dinajpur ambulance service:

City Clinic Ambulance Service

This community involvement not only empowers citizens to respond effectively during emergencies but also reduces response times by avoiding unnecessary calls or delays.

✆ phone Number: 0531 65481, 01712816234.


Doctors Hospital Ambulance Service

This collaboration ensures that emergency services are accessible to every corner of the city, even in remote areas. Furthermore, continuous training and capacity-building programs are conducted to enhance the skills of the medical personnel and keep up with the evolving healthcare landscape.

✆ phone Number: 01716991273


Poly Clinic Ambulance Service

Ambulance services in Rangpur understand the critical role played by skilled medical professionals during emergencies. Hence, they employ well-trained paramedics and emergency medical technicians who are proficient in providing pre-hospital care.

✆ phone Number: 01710242294


Bogra ambulance service :

Doctors Clinic Unit 1 Ambulance Service

The ambulance services in Rangpur boast a fleet of well-equipped vehicles designed to handle a wide range of medical emergencies. These ambulances are equipped with advanced life support systems, including cardiac monitors, defibrillators, and ventilators.

✆ phone Number:-051 61074


Doctors Clinic Unit 2 Ambulance Service

Specialized ambulances cater to specific needs such as neonatal care, trauma response, and inter-hospital transfers.

✆ phone Number:-051 66224


Annesha Clinic Ambulance Service

It’s always advisable to keep local emergency services contact information readily available for quick access during emergencies

✆ phone Number:-051 60709


Samsunnahar Clinic Ambulance Service

The availability of these specialized vehicles ensures that patients receive appropriate care from the moment they are picked up until they reach the hospital.

✆ phone Number:-051 64860

Ambulance Number List Rangpur

Please note that emergency hotline numbers and ambulance services may be subject to change or have additional contact numbers.

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