How to apply for Dutch Bangla Bank Scholarship

Dutch Bangla Bank is one of the biggest and most popular banks in Bangladesh. It always contributes to the development of the country. It contributes to sponsoring many important works like Contests, giving Scholarship etc . 

Dutch Bangla Bank offers scholarships for students who do well in the SSC exam. Also they give scholarships to poor students. 

In this article we will be learning how to apply for dutch bangla bank scholarship. Also we will learn about the information that is needed. 

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Who will get this scholarship

The scholarship is given to the meritorious and poor students for helping them in their study expenses . If you are a meritorious and poor student, you can apply for this scholarship. They give this scholarship all over the country . They focus on the rural area. 

How much is the dutch bangla bank scholarship

The amount of this scholarship is very handsome. They give 2,500 TK monthly. They also give 2,500 TK for annual grant for reading materials and 1,000TK annual grant for clothing .

It lasts for 2 years. That means if you get this scholarship you will get 2,500TK monthly and 3,500TK annually . 

What document is needed

Some documents are needed for applying for this scholarship. 

That’s are,

  1. Passport size colored photograph of applicant.
  1. Passport size colored photograph of father and mother.
  1. SSC exams marksheet.
  1. Testimonial from school.

How to apply

You can apply for this scholarship using your mobile or pc . To apply for this scholarship go to this link . And fill the application form with correct information. Don’t give any false information. They will check your information . Then they will select for the scholarship . 

Method of selection

The selection process for this scholarship is 2 steps. Firstly, they will select some students according to the given information . Then, they will call the students physically for the confirmation . Then they will select for the scholarship . Also, it needs GPA 5 for the urban area and GPA 4.83 for the village / rural area . 


In this article we learned about the Process , needed information and application system

 Of dutch bangla bank scholarship . If you are eligible for this scholarship, apply it bro . Who knows you can get this !

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