Top 10 Goose Calls of 2024 (Latest Guide)

Top 10 Goose Calls of 2024

Top 10 Goose Calls of 2024. The world of goose hunters has been a bustling community for centuries, ever since the days when these waterfowl have been handy snacks for families looking to make ends meet.



Top 10 Goose Calls of 2024

While the skill involved in calling them is a honed craft of its own, the right tools are also key for success. Here, we present the top 10 goose calls of 2024 – the ones we’ve found to be the finest, most reliable, and attractive of their kind. Read on to learn about each and determine the right one for you!



Sleek & Simple: The Haydel DR-85

If you’re searching for a high-quality call that looks streamlined and attractive, look no further than the Haydel DR-85. Crafted from select cocobolo wood, machined at precise angles, and featuring aluminum banding around the chamber, this call is designed to bring out the best in each and every note.


And to top it off? It comes with a comfortable lanyard and a fitting clamp for wearing around the neck. The Haydel DR-85 is a great choice for hunters who want something that looks and sounds seamless.


A Practical Choice: The Goosegasm Pro

If looks aren’t your primary concern, then the easily adjustable Goosegasm Pro may be the ideal pick. This call is made with a durable ABS resin body and rigged with precise dials to tweak each and every note.


As a bonus, it’s designed to split into two pieces, making it highly portable and compact – perfect for hunters on the go who don’t want lug around a large instrument. The Goosegasm Pro is the ideal choice for those who appreciate practicality and efficiency.



High-End Craftsmanship: The White-Wash Boss

For seasoned hunters who prefer a higher end call, the White-Wash Boss may be the perfect choice. Built like an intricate musical instrument, this call is hand-assembled and made from reclaimed walnut wood.


It comes with an intricate tuning system, and the beautifully ergonomic design makes it a work of art as much as a hunting tool. It’s also fitted with an intricate sound board to ensure maximum tonality and accuracy for each and every note. The White-Wash Boss is specifically made for serious hunters who want a truly luxurious experience.



Robust Performance: The Zink GHG

If you’re the sort of hunter who likes to take your gear out into the wilds, then the Zink GHG may be the perfect option. Built with a rugged ABS plastic body and assembled here in the U.S., this call features an air compression chamber that’s designed to maximize volume.



The Zink GHG also uses a very powerful reed system to ensure accuracy over difficult distances and varied temperatures. Any outdoorsman who needs a reliable performer in tough conditions should give Zink GHG a serious consideration.



Light, Steady, and Smooth: The Knight & Hale EZ Cackler

The Knight & Hale EZ Cackler has become a fan favorite for its light weight, steady performance, and notoriously smooth tone. The body is constructed from lightweight resin and average weight is under 11 ounces, making it highly portable and incredibly easy to carry in the field.

Top 10 Goose Calls of 2024

The call also features a sound board to control high and low tones, as well as a resonance port to widen the range of sound. The end result? A call that cracks out with accuracy and easy, smooth rhythm.



Traditional Wood Design: The Rich-N-Tone Tramp Stamp

If you’re a fan of traditional wood-crafted designs, then the Rich-N-Tone Tramp Stamp may capture your attention. This call is crafted from beautiful walnut wood and crafted with precision to ensure maximum accuracy. This call also works incredibly well with lower-pitched honks and is designed for easier manipulation of softer tones.



The call features a wide sound range and direct reed system, allowing for user control over the breadth of sound. Rich-N-Tone Tramp Stamp is the ideal option for goose hunters that prize traditional craftsmanship and lower-toned calls.



Power & Portability: The Primos Timber Doodle

If you’re looking for a call that’s powerful but still lightweight enough for carrying around in your pocket, then the Primos Timber Doodle has you covered. This call features a durable, lightweight ABS resin body along with tuned sound channels for increased volume and accuracy.



It also uses two nylon reeds for heightened performance, and for those who like the classic look, a timber finish on the call itself. Overall, the Primos Timber Doodle is a powerful yet compact call that’s perfect for hunters needing a little extra oomph.



High-Pitched Accents: The Clearwater Jackpot

If you’re a discriminating breeder looking for a call that brings out the wildjack’s unique high notes, then the Clearwater Jackpot is an excellent pick. This call features a durable ABS resin body along with a fitted sound channel to produce higher-toned notes.


The reed is a lightweight synthetic material, allowing a user to tweak each and every note with greater accuracy. Finally, the call includes a sound suppressor that reduces back pressure, resulting in enhanced volume control. The Clearwater Jackpot is designed to bring out the most in each and every high note.



Easy Operation: The Flextone All-Jack

For the laid-back hunter who doesn’t want the hassle of tinkering and tuning, the Flextone All-Jack may be an ideal pick. This delightfully simple call is made from yeti-approved polymer and features a sound strap for instant playback.



The sound strap allows for quick, easy manipulation of sound intensity, making it user-friendly for those who don’t have time to mess with intricate settings. This is a great choice for hunters who want to quickly and easily call the geese they’re after.



Budget-Conscious Quality: The Primos Pull-N-Play

Finally, the Primos Pull-N-Play is a great budget-friendly choice for those who want a quality call without breaking the bank. Built from resilient ABS resin, this call is fitted with a pull-and-play sound strap to control sound intensity and vibrato, and the octaved sound chamber produces strong sound waves to draw geese from far and wide.


The Primos Pull-N-Play combines high-end features with a reasonable price point, making it an ideal choice for value-oriented hunters.


Concluding Top 10 Goose Calls of 2024 (Latest Guide)

So there you have it – the top 10 goose calls of 2024! Each of these calls has something unique to offer to the discriminating goose hunter, so consider your needs and take a look at them. Ultimately, the right call for you will depend on your individual style and preferences. Hopefully, this guide has helped you narrow down your choices and find the perfect call for your needs!


What are the benefits of using a goose call?

Using a goose call is an effective way of attracting geese from a distance. They can draw more birds in, as well as make them feel more comfortable with your presence. Additionally, goose calls can help you establish yourself as a leader in the flock, which encourages them to respond more readily to your presence.


How can I ensure that my goose call produces the right tones?

It’s important to make sure that your call is properly tuned-up for the right tones. Make sure all the reeds are in good condition and properly aligned. Additionally, take some time to practice manipulating the reeds for accurate results.


What factors should I consider when choosing a goose call?

When choosing a call, consider your hunting style, desired sound range, and overall budget. Think about whether you need something lightweight or rugged, and how easy it is to use and adjust the settings. Additionally, you should also think about whether you need something with a traditional look, or something more modern.


What is the best call for long distance?

For long distance calling, the Zink GHG is an excellent choice. This call is designed to maximize sound accuracy and volume across tough terrain, and its rugged construction ensures that it can take a beating out in the field. Additionally, the adjustable air compression chamber helps you adjust sound intensity over long distances.


What is the most user-friendly call available?

The Flextone All-Jack is a great choice for anyone who’s looking for a user-friendly call. This one is incredibly simple to use, featuring just a pull-and-play sound strap with no need to mess with intricate settings. The sound strap makes it easy to manipulate sound intensity and vibrato with just a few simple pulls.


What is the most affordable call?

The Primos Pull-N-Play is a great pick for anyone looking for an affordable option. This one combines features from more expensive models while still maintaining a reasonable price point. It’s designed for convenience with an easy-to-use sound strap, and it produces high-quality sound waves with its octaved sound chamber.

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